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I'm making an attempt at extending my asshole out at least 8 inches. I shove a ruler (cut off at the eighth inch) into my ass, and attempt to pry the entire thing directly across in my ass. So far I'm half way there.

Anyone got some tips? Pics later maybe.

I ate my shit

2007-10-08 20:23:10 by WillPostForFood

So I was taking my morning shit. It was a typical shit, nothing special. Snake like, fairly hard. And out of curiosity I fished a snake out, and inserted it into my mouth. Honestly it wasn't bad. Hard to describe the taste. Tastes like it smells, if that gives you any indication. I'd do it again. Give it a whirl and tell me your opinion!


2007-08-23 13:58:26 by WillPostForFood

I love you too much baby.



2007-07-29 09:28:53 by WillPostForFood

Oh man, the redesign is amazing.

Ive always had wet-dreams about logging onto Newgrounds and posting a blog. Thats the only thing NG was missing, was fucking blogs. So other people can know my oh so important opinion. I could sworn that we have a interactive board of users dedicated to communicating thoughts and feelings on any issue.....BBS was it? But no, we desperately needed blogs. Not like we can just sign up on myspace.

And for the record, the layout looks like every graphic site out there. At least before it looked someone original. Just looks lame, like every tutorial on

Now just watch the comments pile on...because so many people are going to read this...Yup.